Spring? Somewhere?

Two Harbors breakwater light 0972_StaatsYes, it is spring according to the calendar.  No, the state of Minnesota must not be subscribing to the  usual calendar this year.  As I write this, we are having our fifth straight day of snow; some days it’s been snow flurries, and a couple of days we’ve had inches of the heavy white flakes pile up again requiring snow shoveling.  Everyone is grumpy and anxious for green grass, blue sky, and temperatures higher than 40 degrees. I was hopeful when I heard and saw my first red-winged blackbird on Tuesday morning.  I’m sure he was a bit confused as we all are. With that said, I could NOT bring myself to post yet another photo with snow in it.  Instead there’s only a small bit of snow in this photo from Two Harbors.  This is the breakwater light at the entrance to the harbors.  On a warm evening, it was delightful to watch the sun set behind the clouds and hear the lap of the waters of Lake Superior as they came into the harbor.