Holiday cards and 2022 desk calendars

My holiday cards and 2022 desk calendars are now available for purchase. Each year presents a new challenge in determining which images to use for the cards and calendars. Some photographs I think of as my “favorites” and they certainly rise to the top. Others are “hidden gems” that I have overlooked in previous edits. The images for the holiday cards remind me that our snowy and cold winter is just around the corner, and the images for the spring and summer months of the calendars have me pining for those now-distant sunny and warm days and for the color that has since disappeared from our landscape.

The images here are samples. You can see more details about the cards and calendars by going to the tabs at the top of my website page or to the dropdown menu.

Please contact me with any questions and/or orders.

Change of seasons

We are quickly slipping from fall into winter.  Once Mother Nature has made up her mind it seems that the changes become so much more noticeable.  Although our days have been unseasonably warm, this past week we had two mornings of frost.  That and the shorter daylight seem to have triggered some major changes.  These two images were taken one week apart — the top image was last weekend and the bottom image was this morning.  The colors are gone, the leaves have dropped (except for a few hold-outs), and even the sky has changed to its winter shade of gray.    There is some mention of snow flurries possible later this week so we are hurriedly preparing the yard and garden beds for winter’s cold.   As with the change back to standard time we all seem to change our outlooks.  We’re looking forward to soups and heavier “comfort” meals, along with the upcoming holidays.
And with the calendar change to November I’m happy to announce my 2011 holiday card collection and my 2012 desk calendar collection.  Both of these can be found on separate pages at the top of my blog.  This is my eighth year of offering cards and calendars and you’re sure to find something to delight anyone’s tastes.  Some of the photographs you’ll recognize as images that have been posted to my blog, but many of them are new photos.  Browse and enjoy!  And email me with any questions.
Enjoy this time of changing seasons!