Fishing through the sunset

Fishing at sunset 2482_StaatsOn a warm summer’s afternoon we returned to one of our favorite small lakes for some fishing.  Our plan was to fish through the sunset and after dark – something I have never done before.  The winds died down throughout the evening and set up for a beautiful sunset, with the colors of the sky reflecting in the quiet of the lake’s surface.  We’d shared some dinner in the boat and the fishing had been successful.  The light in the western sky faded to black, the near-full moon was high in the sky and we were the only ones still out on the water.  We pulled out our fly fishing gear and settled in for some night-time fishing.  Our eyes adjusted to the darkness and our ears became our “eyes” as we listened for the fish to take  the poppers we laid out on the surface.  More reliable for me was feeling the fish tug on the fly line.  It was beautiful to be out in the dark; the shoreline was discernible with the moonlight, the lake’s surface was like glass, the stars came out overhead, and the night sounds surrounded us.  The experience and beauty of this summer’s evening and night on a small lake were now embedded in our memories.

Late winter reflections

Our winter has been unusual by normal Minnesota standards.  The snow drought has continued with warmer temperatures, but just when we thought spring was being ushered in on southerly winds we got a snowfall of three inches.  Now that’s not a huge snowfall, but this year it amounts to one of our larger ones.  Since the air temperatures are much warmer, any snow that does come is likely to melt rather quickly.  And so it was with this snow.  As I was driving home the other night I entered our alley and was greeted by this scene.  I don’t normally think of alleys are being prime photographic opportunities, but I was caught off guard this day.  The power poles created a wonderful repetition in the standing water, and the reflection of the colors of the sky created a meandering curve down the length of the alley.