Minnesota fishing opener weekend

Sunset over Inguadona Lake_StaatsThis weekend has been the Minnesota fishing opener – a tradition of celebrating the beginning of open lakes and water, the promise of spring and summer, and the outdoor recreation of fishing.  This is the weekend for the opening of walleye and Northern pike fishing – a time that finds all fisher-people out on the water.  We have participated in this ritual for the past few years, heading north to some of our favorite lakes.  This weekend we camped near Inguadona Lake and we were fortunate to be rewarded with a wonderful sunset.  Although the day had been sunny and windy, with clouds around, the evening calmed and the sun broke through the clouds before setting.  The reflection over the lake seemed fitting for the close of the day.  As we later slipped into our tent, we drifted off to sleep with the sound of loons calling across the lake.  All in all, a true Minnesota celebration of the fishing tradition and the North Woods and Lake Country.