Semifrozen Minnehaha Falls

Our weather in the Twin Cities has been cold this past week — the coldest temperatures since last March.  With that many of our lakes have frozen over, and I even made a first sighting this winter of a person ice fishing on a nearby lake.  We were in Minneapolis today having a delightful brunch with family, and afterwords stopped by Minnehaha Park.  It was the perfect opportunity to see the falls in a semifrozen state, surrounded by large icicles.  Minnehaha Park includes the area where Minnehaha Creek empties into the Mississippi River.  The park dates back to the late 1800’s and the name Minnehaha is from the Dakota language meaning waterfall.  Minnehaha Falls is a 53 foot waterfall drop surrounded by limestone bluffs.  After heavy rains in early summer the falls flow full, and in times of drought they’ve even been known to stop.  But today there was one stream of water flowing over the bluff above into a small pool of open water.  I was at the falls in late morning and the sun was beginning to reach against the northern side of the bluffs.  As it heated and melted some of the icicles, they would come crashing down with the sound echoing throughout the ravine.