A quieter 4th of July

Sunset over Peltier Lake_StaatsThe long 4th of July holiday weekend has kept us in the Twin Cities.  Rather than hurry to a northern lake, we decided to relax at home and make some shorter excursions.  Between early morning bike rides, a Twins baseball game, and some tasks around the house and yard, we’ve enjoyed a relaxing weekend.  On the evening of the 4th, we took our boat to Peltier Lake, one of the lakes near the edge of the metro area.  The wind had been gusty all day and there was a threat of rain and storms, but it looked promising.  As the sun set in the west it seemed to divide the lake and the sky.  The clouds to the south kept that area in the dark, while the break to the north let the sun reflect off the sky and onto the water, almost a split-screen effect.  The fishing was good, the weather held for us, and we were able to watch the fireworks all around us as we headed back to the boat landing.

Fishing success

crappies_staatsThe ice is out, spring has sprung, and fishing season has begun once again in Minnesota.  And this year I’ve joined the ranks of Minnesotans with a fishing license!  To be honest, the last time I was fishing was when I was about 13 years old.  But, like riding a bike, it’s something that comes back to you (along with some good coaching too!).   Paddling against wind gusts up to 30 mph and battling  the whitecaps, we put our canoe into Peltier Lake and proceeded to the calmer shore and threw in our fishing lines.  After awhile without any bites, we moved to where a small river enters the lake.  The water was pretty shallow, the sun was nearly ready to set, and the fish were biting!  Within about ten minutes we had caught 6 crappies!  Now that’s an exciting way to fish, and with that success I’m excited to try it again.  Yes, I know fishing isn’t always that rewarding, but it’s a delightful way to spend a warm evening outside.  (And the crappies were delicious the following night for dinner!)