July’s full moonrise

July's full moonrise_StaatsYesterday was the full moon of July.  I’d heard it referred to as the “supermoon” – appearing immense in size due to its proximity to the earth.  As rainstorms moved into the area in the afternoon, I had given up any hope of seeing the moonrise.  But the clouds parted and the skies cleared about 6:00pm.  We had gone out for a night of fishing (which was not so weather-dependent), yet we lucked out in so many ways.  The fish were biting, the sunset was beautiful, and it was quickly followed by the rising of the pink full moon.  It cleared the trees on the east side of the lake, and let its reflection glisten in the still water below.  For a short while it hung in the sky between the trees and the upper clouds, then quickly slid out of sight into the clouds.  We stayed on the water for another half hour, and as we headed to the landing the moon cleared the clouds again, this time shining clear and white.