An unsettling summer sunrise

The other morning dawned cool and calm. There was steam coming off the lake surface, and the sun was a red ball rising into a hazy yellow and murky sky. It was quiet except for the sounds of geese and ducks calling off in the distance. On this day there was never much of a wind so the sky never cleared to it’s usual bright blue.

We’ve had numerous days like this one of hazy sunshine, partly due to increased humidity but also from the smoke of Canadian and northern Minnesota wildfires that have drifted into the area. The sunrises and sunsets have been unusual and unsettling, and yet quite beautiful.

Sunflowers at sunset

Sunflowers at sunset_StaatsOur past week’s weather has been warm with winds out of the northwest.  That’s usually not something to note, except that there are wildfires in Canada and in the Pacific Northwest.  The smoke from these fires has been passing through our atmosphere in Minnesota, creating hazy days and amazing sunrises and sunsets.  Last night we had a quick rain shower that moved through the area in the evening.  Before sunset, the rain passed and I grabbed the opportunity to see what the sunset might be like.  These sunflowers were backlit by the orange sky and glowing sun; they all seemed to symbolize the warmth and golden colors that we associate with the summer months.