A bicycle ride through the countryside

Horses and barn_Staats PS2436We spent the morning on a bicycle ride through  the countryside of central Minnesota.  The Tour of Saints is billed as a “heavenly little ride” and today it lived up to its billing.  The thunderstorms that moved through prior to dawn cleared by the start of the ride, and the clouds and cooler temps made for comfortable conditions.  We opted for the 50-mile ride and enjoyed every uphill and downhill along the route.  Starting at the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, we wandered the back roads until the rest stop in Cold Spring where we were treated to delicious (and ride-hearty) cinnamon rolls and baked goods.  Another 13 miles and a stop near St. John’s University for bananas and cookies.  Then it was 15 miles for a stop of candy bars and Gatorade in Avon (when you ride 50 miles you need to eat and stay hydrated, and rest stops are much appreciated!).  The countryside was green and verdant, with wildflowers in bloom, fields of soybeans and corn, and wonderful old barns.  These horses seemed quite intrigued by our mode of transportation as we rode by.  We ended back in St. Joseph, tired but appreciative of a morning spent in a beautiful countryside.

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