Looking for the brighter side

The storm brought wind, rain, and hail and it seemed to stop as quickly as it started.  This had been the third or fourth storm to roll through in as many days.  But as the dark clouds moved further east and the skies began to clear, there was a brilliant rainbow that arced across the sky and was reflected in the still lake surface below.  This was our “reward” for getting through the storms, and with all the uncertainties that are in our day-to-day lives this was truly the brighter side.

The end of a spring day

Spring arrived quickly in the past week.  There were hints of green showing up in the trees and the grass.  The ice moved off the lake and the open water was an invitation for geese, ducks, loons, eagles, and the people wanting to fish.  It was a flurry of activity all generated by the unofficial end of winter.  By early evening it was quiet and peaceful again.  A light rain shower had moved through the area, the sun was beginning to set, and the lake had calmed.  And as if to punctuate the end of a delightful spring day, a rainbow appeared in the sky and was reflected in the still of the water below.

A brief moment

We were wandering the back roads of central Minnesota recently in the early evening.  The day had given us rain, cooler temperatures, some sun and wind.  As the sun was getting lower in the sky, the clouds reflected the colors, and the moisture in the air gave us a beautiful rainbow.  The lake still stirred with the wind, creating ripples that rolled across the waters, but the evening provided a magical display of light and reflection for a brief moment.

Double rainbow at Como Park

39253Spring is an unsettled time of year in the upper Midwest.  Our weather comes from all four directions, oftentimes colliding over Minnesota.  Last week we had a beautifully sunny and warm day.  Until about 5:00pm, when the clouds rolled in, the winds picked up, and it started to rain.  I headed to my office to get some work done, not realizing that the front was moving through quickly and it would be followed by clearing.  About 7:30 the clouds parted from the western horizon, creating a beautiful low directional golden light.  With the rain still to the east a vivid double rainbow emerged.  I grabbed my camera and hurried to nearby Como Park and the McNeely Conservatory.  Luckily I arrived before the rainbow disappeared, thanking the weather and photo gods for presenting such a stunning and vibrant display.